Dear friends,

A week of latkes and sufganiyot, samosa and everything fried – what a holiday! A week of music and singing and memories. At this time of year, as we spin the dreidl, we can almost feel the axis of the earth as we all spin towards the light. How do we stay upright? As Neomi taught us at our Havdalah ceremony, by spinning together.

Miketz brings us out of the darkness of the jail cell Joseph has been in – as Pharaoh brings him to interpret the mysterious meaning of his dreams. The meaning is clear to Joseph – the seven fat years and seven lean years perhaps holding meaning for him as he has had so many years in his jail cell to contemplate his own survival. His interpretation of the Pharaoh’s dreams enabled Joseph to be well-placed to help his own family when they came down to Egypt to seek help, and relief from the drought that had left many people starving.

I wanted to add my words of support to those of our two Bar Mitzvah students. As we discussed their projects on Saturday night after lighting our Hannukiot, one of our members wanted us to know that it was financial help from JFS that was keeping her from being homeless. And Sharon Shalinsky spoke to the importance of the work of ARZA as a voice of liberal Judaism in Israel. Please take time to look through the links I have posted and contribute directly towards each of their tzedakah projects.  Let’s share what we can. Let’s spin together.

Love to all,
Rabbi Lynn