From the Rabbi’s Desk:

Poteach et Yadecha u’masbiah l’chol chai ratzon.
Opening to ease and flow in Hebrew
You open Your Hand and all desire is fulfilled. (Psalm 145:16)

These words from Psalm 145, also known as Ashrei, are words of action as well as praise and fulfillment. As Jews we are commanded to take our teachings forward into the world and build what is good; build justice, and build peace. And we have – over many centuries, but certainly most recently with various social, political and labour rights movements where every movement saw considerable Jewish leadership. But we know this. Peace involves more than one hand reaching out. Today, Jews around the world are facing into depths of hatred and violence unimagined, especially as those who lived to see the results of such hatred during the Nazi regime still live amongst us. And even if only a few still live, even only as a remnant, their lives serve as a memory for all time. It is on us to respond. As we stood with others, in these movements, in fighting for justice for all, we ask those same peoples to stand with us. And we open our hands to all those holding a dream for future justice.

A Brief History of Jews and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s | Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism