Kolot Mayim Membership

granpa girl2To be a part of the Kolot Mayim Community is to be welcomed and accepted for who you are. Kolot Mayim does not discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background. If you choose to raise your children Jewish, our religious school is another part of our community that does not discriminate and welcomes all families who are committed to the Jewish faith and the beauty of the Hebrew language. We recognize the challenges and stresses of modern life and create opportunities for support by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our services and in our holiday celebrations. We support a progressive approach that gives equal participation to women and men in all aspects of worship and leadership. Kolot Mayim Reform Congregation, identifies with the Reform communities in Israel.
Principles for Reform Judaism

An Updated Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism was adopted at the 1999 Pittsburgh convention.

Among the important Principles are the following:

“We are an inclusive community,opening doors to Jewish life to people of all ages, to varied kinds of families, to all regardless of their sexual orientation, to gerim – those who have converted to Judaism, and to all individuals and families, including the intermarried, who strive to create a a Jewish home. We pledge to fulfill Reform Judaism’s historic commitment to the complete equality of women and men in Jewish life. We are obligated to pursue tzedek, Justice, and righteousness, and to narrow the gap between the affluent and the poor, to act against discrimination and oppression, to pursue peace, to welcome the stranger, to protect the earth’s biodiversity and natural resources, and to redeem those in physical, economic and spiritual bondage.”