Introduction to Judaism Classes

Introduction to Judaism classes, Sunday afternoons, 1-3 pm at the Jewish Community Centre, 3636 Shelbourne Avenue

1.     Feb. 10th Jewish History: Introductions, Overview of why, what to read.  Biblical to CE; Canon, Temple, Egyptians/Assyrians/Greeks/Romans: Mishnah/Talmudic period, development of Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity, early medieval period

2.     Feb. 17th Medieval –Emancipation and Enlightenment Movements to Modern era: Language of exile: blood libel, pogrom, shtetl, Pale of Settlement, exile and a language of survival. Lachrymose vs Positive Historical viewpoints.

3.     Feb. 24th Shoah and State of Israel: 20th century Judaism.

4.     Mar 3rd 11 am:  Jewish Emancipation (Haskalah) and the emerging Reform Movement

5.     Mar. 10th Rabbinic Judaism: What we do, when? Learning Torah: Halachah, Mitzvot, Pirke Avot

6.     Mar. 17th Purim, Hannukah, Tu B’shevat, Tisha B’Av: basic history, premises, food, celebrations

7.     Mar. 24th Shalosh Regalim: Sukkot, Pesach, Shavuot, how, when, where, what

8.     Mar. 31st  Jewish Calendar: Holidays and Festivals: Yamim Noraim, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – teshuvah, food and fasting, Shofar, atonement, observance

9.     Apr. 7th (In front room – Sharon Kobrinsky using deli) Making a Jewish Home: Making a home Jewish: emphasis of family, education, ethical life, tzedakah, mezuzah, Kashrut, dignity

10.   Apr. 19th Passover Seder

11.   Apr. 28th Marriage, Jewish home: mezuzah, candles, the stuff, Children, Mikvah, Conversion

12.    May 5th No class.

13.   May 12th Children: Bris, Baby naming, Hebrew school/education, B’nei Mitzvah

14.   May 19th End of life: Illness, death, Chevra Kadisha, Levayah, shiva, sheloshim, yartzeit

15.  May 26th Jewish values and ethics: Hachnasat orchim; Bal tashit; Shalom Bayit, Lashon ha-rah, chesed, gemilut Hasidim, Mussar movement

16.    June 2nd Shabbat at home: Making Shabbat, shamor v’zachor, Tefillah, candles, table, zemirot

17.    June 9th Synagogue and Prayer: Keva and kavanna, Hebrew, tallis/tefillin, learning Hebrew

18.   June 16th Reform Judaism: Basic precepts, non-Halachic, brief comparison to Halachic Judaism, continuity of changing views and practices, patrilineal descent

Introduction to Judaism classes, Sunday afternoons, 1-3 pm at the Jewish Community Centre, 3636 Shelbourne Avenue

Cost:$180 for Kolot Mayim members $10 a session including a complimentary entry to the KM community Seder. ($35 value)  $275 for non-members ($15 per session and complimentary entry to the KM community Seder)($50 value) 
Interfaith couples (couples in a committed relationship and living together) are 2 for the price of 1.