Leadership - Kolot Mayim Reform Temple

August has arrived –blackberries, blueberries and figs are abundant right now; preserving and jam-making is one of August’s tasks for many of us. We want to preserve the abundance of the moment, uncertain of our own supply chain, in light of the Covid pandemic which is still informing our decisions about how and where we meet. Sadly, physical distancing requirements whilst meeting indoors still precludes our gathering together for Shabbat services. However, we have had most enthusiastic response from you about wanting to gather together this week at Gyro Park – we are all missing that elemental Jewish ingredient – face-to-face contact!

One of the most mysterious and moving verses in Torah is when Moses finally catches a glimpse (albeit, an exceedingly peripheral glimpse) of God.  Moses asks God “Show me your glory.” God cannot be seen by any human being, but God tells Moshe, “Stand in the cleft of the rock” and “you will see My back, but My face must not be seen” (Exodus 33: 17-23).