Arabic Hebrew with Jonathan Orr-Stav: An Introduction to how modern Israelis really speak

Modern Hebrew is based on biblical Hebrew – but with extra storeys: some are imports from other languages and form part of the official modern language, but some are imports from Palestinian Arabic, and used colloquially. This unofficial Arabic Hebrew is very extensive, and such an integral part of everyday speech that most Israelis are usually unaware of its existence. Anyone seeking to gain a true understanding of modern spoken Hebrew must acquaint themselves with this aspect of Hebrew that does not appear in any siddur or Hebrew language textbook. In this talk, Jonathan will review the most important Arabic Hebrew terms of everyday language, including meanings, origins, examples, and uniquely, a graphic demographics profile. A 15 minute Q&A session is available after the talk.

Jonathan Orr-Stav (Ure Stoppi) is a Hebrew-English translator, editor and writer. He is a compelling speaker and blends humour with his extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language. The son and grandson of Israeli translators and editors, he continues to fulfill his family legacy as a writer. Jonathan wrote a series of best-selling books on computer-aided-design, and worked as a technical writer in the Israeli high-tech sector. He is the author of Learn to Write the Hebrew Script: Aleph Through the Looking Glass, which is recognized for making the mastering the Hebrew script radically more accessible to non-Hebrew speakers. Jonathan has an abiding passion for facilitating clear and compelling communication of ideas in all areas. Raised in Israel, London, and New York, Jonathan has lived with his family in Victoria since 2002.

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