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Jewish Music as an Intercultural Bridge with Moshe Denburg

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For millennia, Jewish people lived as global wanderers among alien cultures. To preserve their unique identity, foreign elements have continuously been integrated into their music, creating a new intercultural synthesis that transcends the limits of geography.

On Sunday February 7th, The Kolot Mayim Lecture series presents Moshe Denburg, composer, performer and author of Jewish Music: An Overview. We welcome you to join Moshe on our Zoom platform as he explores the global tributaries of Jewish music through live vocals and guitar and recordings of his famous Vancouver-based band, Tzimmes. 

As that name suggests, the music you will learn about and hear is a sweet “stew” that reflects our guest’s worldwide travels, especially his studies in Israel, India and Japan. Moshe is committed to presenting Jewish Music in its many styles and languages incorporating European Klezmer, Mid-Eastern Sephardi, and North American Folk influences in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, and English.

Hailing from a well-known Montreal rabbinical family, Moshe Denburg moved to the West Coast in 1982. He started Tzimmes in 1986 after studying composition at the University of Victoria. He also founded the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO) and has written many large scale compositions that bring together the instrumental and musical resources of many cultures.

Kolot Mayim  is offering a six-part series of speakers on the theme of Building Bridges: Language, song and story. All talks are on Zoom from 11:00 AM -12:15 PM on the first Sunday of each month from November to May (excluding April).


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