Lecture:  Arabic Hebrew: An introduction to how modern Israelis really speak with Jonathan Orr-Stav, December 6, 11 am

Please follow this link to register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwoduitrDwqGdU2oxn6uWZtKLo4vzZJPwNA

Modern Hebrew is based on biblical Hebrew – but with extra storeys: some are imports from other languages and form part of the official modern language, but some are imports from Palestinian Arabic, and used colloquially. This unofficial Arabic Hebrew is very extensive, and such an integral part of everyday speech that most Israelis are usually unaware of its existence. Anyone seeking to gain a true understanding of modern spoken Hebrew must acquaint themselves with this aspect of Hebrew that does not appear in any siddur or Hebrew language textbook. In this talk, Jonathan will review  the most important Arabic Hebrew terms of everyday language, including meanings, origins, examples, and uniquely, a graphic demographics profile. A 15 minute Q&A session is available after the talk.

Welcome to Kolot Mayim – Vancouver Island’s Reform Temple

“Kolot Mayim is my religious home. It is a small, caring community. I love the music and content of the reform service.” Richard Weiss

Kolot Mayim welcomes all Jewish people, their family members, and anyone interested in Jewish culture, practice, spirituality and community. We are an inclusive, warm and welcoming congregation; deeply committed to the Reform Movement’s 1999 platform which states:

“Our doors are open to people of all ages, to varied kinds of families, to all regardless of their sexual orientation, to gerim (those who have converted to Judaism) and to all individuals and families, including the intermarried who strive to create a Jewish home.”

With the values of the Reform Movement as our inspiration, Kolot Mayim has become the spiritual home to families and individuals that previously struggled to find a place where they belonged. There are no barriers for anyone regardless of their level of Jewish knowledge, observance or practice. We trust that when you join us, you too will feel at home. Our weekly services, High Holy Days, and special events are held at the Jewish Community Centre of Victoria, (JCC) 3636 Shelbourne Street, Victoria B.C. Canada.

We invite you to connect with us online or in person, and look forward to meeting you! 

For more information call 250-704-2503 or email:km@kolotmayimreformtemple.com

Kolot Mayim Reform Temple is a beneficiary of the United Jewish Appeal campaign of the Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island. We encourage our members to support this annual campaign.