How to Forward Monies

How to forward monies on account of donations/ membership commitment/school fees/program fees of Kolot Mayim Reform Temple (KMRT)

1. Old school: forward a cheque payable to KMRT at 3636 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC, V8P 1H2. Please include your personal information (for tax receipt purposes) and the reason for the cheque.

You may also drop off a cheque or cash whenever the Jewish Centre is open (usually 11:30 to 1:30pm).

2. Interac eTransfer: Using your personal bank to electronically transfer monies via an email to the Treasurer. To use this method, you will need to set up the Treasurer as the recipient at, and advise him of the question and answer (password) by separate email, including the purpose of the monies. Monies are deposited to KMRT upon acceptance of your eTransfer.

3. By using the KMRT website, you will have options:

Upon entering, from the Dashboard choose Membership, Online Membership Payment; Donations, Donate to Kolot Mayim; Learning, Religious School, or other programs (they may change over time).

All will require you to enter your personal information, and the purpose of the donation. Choose ‘Submit’ and you will be directed to a choice:

a) use your personal PayPal account to complete the transaction; or

b) use your credit card (either Visa or MasterCard) to complete the transaction.

These payment sites are secure, and you should not hesitate to use them.

If you require assistance, please call

Sstephen Larre, Treasurer,250-203-6159