2022-23 Lecture Series

Building Bridges: Hineini – Answering the Call to Heal the World

Kolot Mayim Reform Temple’s 2022/23 Building Bridges speakers series will highlight the theme of Hineini: Answering the Call to Heal the World. The Hebrew word, Hineini can be translated as ‘Here I Am’. The series of 6 talks includes local, national, and international speakers who have each in their own way stood up to create positive change in our world from a uniquely Jewish perspective. The monthly talks are offered free of charge and held on selected Sundays from November to April on Zoom.

Beginning Sunday November 6th at 11 AM PST, the first speaker will be Rabbi Allan Finkel. Rabbi Finkel is a Reform Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Winnipeg. He will address the topic of Addiction in the Jewish Community and Jewish-based Recovery. Follow this link to view Rabbi Finkel’s talk.

The ‘Hineini’ series will continue with an outstanding list of Jewish leaders that include:

Elissa Bemporad, a widely published historian and Professor at Queens College and the Graduate Center – CUNY will speak on History is Not Destiny: Thoughts about the Russian War against Ukraine and the Jewish Past in the Region on December 4/22. Follow this link to view Professor Bemporad’s talk.

On January 8/23, Sari Shernofsky, a retired Community Chaplain from the Calgary Jewish community will speak about Stories from the Narrow Bridge — Meeting people in their time of need. She will tell us about her journey to chaplaincy, the patients she travelled with, spirituality and aging, and MAID (medical assistance in dying). Follow this link to view the talk.

Morton Weinfeld, Professor of Sociology and Chair of Canadian Ethnic Studies at McGill University recently published an updated edition of his book, Like Everyone Else But Different. His February 5/23 talk is titled Like Everyone Else But Different: The Jewish Glass is Half Full.  Follow this link to view the talk.

Pat Johnson, writer, organizer and entrepreneur will highlight his work with Upstanders Canada, an organization he founded to mobilize non-Jewish Canadians to stand up against anti-semitism and anti-Zionism. His March 5/23 talk, Standing Up to Anti-Semitism will explain coordinated steps anyone can make to create a positive difference. Follow this link to view the talk.

Rabbi Suzanne Singer, former journalist and Reform Rabbi from Temple Beth El in California will wrap up the series on April 9/23. With a history of leadership at Kolot Mayim, Rabbi Singer will talk about Hope: How Do We Find Hope in a World with Unending Problems. Follow this link to view the talk.

The word, Hineini occurs 17 times in Hebrew scripture and is said at pivotal moments when profound change is about to take place. Kolot Mayim Reform Temple is an inclusive, welcoming congregation led by Rabbi Lynn Greenhough who reminds us that, “Our world today cries out for responsive and responsible change; each of us can do our part in helping with that healing and transformative change.”