Life Cycle Events

Jewish wedding on the beach with bride and groom
Newborn Baby









Weddings are the beginning of a new life together and with the Ketuba or marriage contract Judaism has established a partnership that is based on mutual respect. Kolot Mayim’s Spiritual Leader, Lynn Greenhough is certified to conduct marriages including interfaith and same sex marriages.  




Jewish Life Events
Like all Jewish communities, our lives are touched by the sacred rites that mark the passage of time. There is a real sense of being a part of the whole when you experience Kolot Mayim’s life cycle events. 

At Kolot Mayim we celebrate brit and bat matot for newborns, Bar and Bat Mitzvot for young Jewish adults, marriages, and at the end of life funerals give us a chance to say goodbye. With joy we celebrate the passage of time, and with sorrow we mark the loss of loved ones. Because we are an intimate congregation, we all join together whether there is simcha or tsuris.