Dear friends,

Another wet and rainy Monday morning – our water bills are being subsidized this year! Many of us are enjoying our gardens with a little more attention as we stay home more than in past years. Some of us are first time gardeners (my brother in Calgary), and some of us have expanded our living space given over to growing vegetables and flowers and fruits of all kinds. Kestrel and Liza’s balcony spilleth over!

As we are exploring our gardens, we are also reading about the shelachim, (the spies) who entered the Land. They were also checking out the produce, and the Land that God had promised to the returning Israelites. We will wait for Shabbat morning, when our Bar Mitzvah, Willem, will tell us what the shelachim thought of the abundance they encountered, and how the Israelites reacted to their report.

These ceremonies (Ethan Nozick, our next Bar Mitzvah, is coming up on July 4th) are very different than our usual celebrations: no hugs, and, and no Kiddush lunch to share, but we will still share joyful kvelling as each Bar or Bat Mitzvah completes their reading of Torah, even on Zoom.

I am very proud of our students this year – they will be telling stories of their preparation during 5780/2020 to their children, and children’s children, God willing. Much of their learning has been on Zoom – with a few lessons in my new office – our front lawn. Hopefully next year we will find ourselves in our shul again, sharing our delight in Shabbat and each other, without the latticework intermediary of Zoom.


Rabbi Lynn