Preparing for the High Holy Days

Hello dear Kolot Mayim friends,

The days are getting shorter, the time to prepare for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is getting shorter. Rosh Hashanah is approaching so very quickly. I am rehearsing and planning, charting and listening and trying to make our services feel haimisch even as they will feel very different this year.

It has only been a year since I was installed as rabbi during a weekend of much joy and laughter and solemnity. Who could have imagined the limitations of a pandemic last September, as we gathered together? I had not heard of Zoom. Today I have three different Zoom meetings. Circumstances change beyond our imaginings.

Last night my father appeared to me; I only saw his back as he walked through a doorway. I wanted to hold on to my dream, clutching at its tendrils, in the possibility of seeing my beloved father’s face, but all I could do is comb through his briefcase of pens, finding the pens with his name engraved – and then I realized all I had left was his name. My name. And that I needed to write my/his name into the coming year for good.

Will we be written into the Book of Life? We don’t know. But can we “write” ourselves into the chapter of life by doing good? Yes. During these last few days before the 18th, let’s take a few moments, hold our good name in our hands, and think about how we can bring ourselves forward into life this year. L’chayim. To Life.

Shanah tovah um’tukah, May you have a good and sweet New Year,

Rabbi Lynn