Good morning dear friends. This week we are now under tighter Covid restrictions, in an effort to reduce and flatten the rising numbers of infections here on the Island and across BC. As a result I am changing all my visits to Zoom for the meanwhile. But please let me know if you would like to chat, offer suggestions, ask questions – anything at all.

Meanwhile, as you will see, I have a few requests of you. We had great success with our Jewish prayer class – many people came to our Zoom class and a few more listened to the recording after Tuesday classes. We want to offer another 3-week mini class in January/February about unknown Jewish communities and synagogues – those communities we may have slightly heard about but don’t know the history of how Jews came to these distant (generally meaning non-European) lands. This is a wonderful opportunity to do some research and then some teaching; I am on hand to be a resource as you may need. So who would like to jump in?

Later in May/June we will offer another 3-week class. We have had a suggestion to offer a class on women in the TaNaKh and Talmud. We may be somewhat familiar with our Imahot, our Matriarchs, Sarah and Rivka, Rachael and Leah but who was Yael? Who was Devorah? Who was Beruria? Who was Noa? More chances to jump in and learn/teach. Please let me know if you would like to be involved. Otherwise everyone has to listen to me!!

While we are confined to one-hour Zoom, we are experimenting a bit with our Saturday morning services. Less sticking to a very limited prayer service, we are going to be more inclusive and participatory, trying to hear from you about your experiences over the week with regard to blessings of the day, and/or hearing your thoughts about the Torah reading of that week. Come and be with us and bring your thoughts to us all.

Wishing you all love and good health during these days of lockdown.

Love to all,

Rabbi Lynn