Shavua tov, dear friends.

So many opportunities for us to learn with each other. This morning I participated in learning from Rabbi Gila Caine, the first of our speakers in the lecture series so ably led by Marilyn Wolovick. Marilyn and her committee have put together a series of speakers, all of whom bring their background and engagement in Jewish community to our doorstep. It will be an exciting year! As you may have noticed above, the speaker series organized by the Victoria Jewish choir is bringing in Rob Menes, a former Victorian, who became a noted cantor – perfect timing for those in the Prayer course. Please join us.

This week, we had our first in-person Shabbat service followed by lunch – yet another opportunity to schmooze and share and volunteer our services. By Saturday night, after Havdalah, Carolyn Canny offered her services to organize the lunches for the next few months. Immediately people offered to bake challot and bring dessert and make soup!

Torah learning on Wednesday is a highlight for me every week, with new insights paving new connections. Rabbi Gila offered us insights from her perspective, as an Israeli Canadian rabbi and scholar, who shared new scholarship in finding origins of worship and sacred being in Asheret/Ishtar/Esther/Chava – all grounded when we sing Etz Chaim he, She is a Tree of Life, the Mother Tree. What a wonderful life of learning we have ahead of us, grounding our feet and enabling our hearts to soar!

Love to all,Rabbi Lynn