We had such a beautiful Shabbat/Shavuot service on Shabbat morning June 4th – many people brought flowers to help decorate out little shul. Thank you to everyone who helped in all manner of ways to make our morning as meaningful as could be; some helped lead the davening, some helped in the kitchen, some folded tablecloths, some helped serve food, and of course some helped with cleanup. Thank you all.  

I want to share a podcast I listened to (while making crepes for the blintzes!). Please have a listen:

It is an interview with three rabbis, three women, about what their experiences have been and are as women in the pulpit fifty years after the first woman rabbi was ordained – Rabbi Sally Priesand. It is fascinating – and, as always, there is much more that could be explored. Rabbi Sally Priesand, was ordained in 1972 as a Reform rabbi, the first woman to graduate from seminary.

And on this anniversary of her ordination, fifty years later, I want to thank all the members of Kolot Mayim who have honoured me with my service to you as rabbi. Becoming a rabbi is a culmination of decades of dreams, and is truly the joy of my life. Every day brings unique and sacred moments. Every day calls me to stand again at Sinai with your collective company at my side.Todah rabbah,Rabbi Lynn