Hello everyone, my days have been full: the figs are ripe (happy days), we have had a few long-overdue dinners, and we are looking forward to a few days with our son and grandchildren. Plus I have been planning weddings, setting up a Beit Din for three adults and one wee baby, B’nei Mitzvah planning, reminding myself of the nusach for Yomtov, planning venues – even doing a little clearing out at home. These days have been good days.

I had an amazing morning last week at the JCC. Morris had let me know there was a box for me there. I opened it and it was a box of the most extraordinary tallitot – prayer shawls – a gift for us at Kolot Mayim. One will be used very soon as a many-coloured cover for a chuppah for several upcoming weddings! As I opened the box, I had the pleasure of doing so in company – as JCC members, Larry, Ya’akov and Ros who were there to exclaim in delight with me! Many thanks to a dear friend, Akiva.

Please join us for services September 3rd, as you are able. We will be calling Carolyn Canny, Stephen Larre and Nina Cole to Torah, as they have completed their studies and preparations to join k’lal Yisroel. We will also be celebrating with Lis and Ariel Louwrier as they renew their vows of 25 years ago, now renewed under a chuppah. Kiddush after services sponsored by Carolyn, Stephen, Nina and the Louwriers. Mazal tov to you all. Mazal tov to us all.

And just a last word about holidays/holy days. Each day holds the potential for sacred awakening – to possibility, to comfort, to blessing. With need for maximizing personal distancing, we are working to find more capacious venues to hold services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We will be sending out dates/times/venues as these are established. All in-person services will continue to be offered on Zoom as well. See you very soon.

With love,Rabbi Lynn