Ki Tavo

What a week – and more to come! Sunday morning we had our first B’nei Mitzvah class of the year with four students in attendance. Welcome Noah, Yardenne, Ariel and Sarahi. I think we are all in for a wonderful year of learning.

We also started a new cycle of learning on Wednesdays at noon – we are looking at the books in our Prophets, our Nevi’im this year. Everyone is welcome of course.

Learning is the foundation of what it means to be a Jew. To engage in daily learning, to apply what we have learned into our everyday lives – this is what is meant when Torah teaches that we said at Sinai; ”We will do and we will understand.” We need to muck in.

I am really hoping that we are able to find more ways to celebrate Shabbat this year. Eating together as we feel comfortable is such an essential part of understanding the true meaning of menuchah, resting in joy. Maybe once a month we can each have a few people to our table on a Friday evening, or a Saturday lunch.

As always, please be in touch as you need. There a number of new members for us to welcome, new classes beginning, other classes to plan – people are already asking for adult B’nei Mitzvah lessons. How do you want to learn this year?

Shana tova u’metuka, A good and sweet year to each of you,Rabbi Lynn