Did we just move to Winnipeg? We had a cold (COLD) snap for a few days here this past week. It may have been cold outside, but there is nothing quite like sharing a Shabbat service with each other, welcoming new people into out midst to bring warmth into the room.

Our calendar often seems to coincide with the calendar of Israel, given the (usual) temperate, if not Mediterranean zone we inhabit here on southern Vancouver Island. Palm trees, kiwi, even citrus can grow in the right location in our gardens. Tu B’Shevat is often this calendar and blossom reminder for me. I hope you will come and join us – please see the announcement in this newsletter.

Parashat Bo concludes the plagues that finally ensure Pharaoh banishing the Israelites from Egypt. We read of the beginnings of their journey from Ramses to Sukkot; we read of the preparation of the pesach-offering, and the people Israel leaving in b’chodesh aviv, the month of springtime. Springtime is a month of renewal, of hope, of emerging from underground depths and bud-wrappings of blossoms. May the coming days also be a reminder of hope to each of us, that this time of darkness may bloom into days of renewal and hope and shalom. Amen.

With love,

Rabbi Lynn