Dear friends, I am always surprised (not sure why) at how apt the Torah reading of the week is for any particular occasion. This week we return to weekly services and the Torah reading is from Vaetchanan, where again we hear Moses review the Aseret Dibrot, the Ten Commandments given at Sinai. Just as Moses needed to remind the people of Israel of their obligations before entering the Land, we too need regular reminders of our obligations to each other and to God.

These past few weeks have been weeks of loss and weeks of celebration. We acknowledge the death of Lillian Simpson z”l, mother of Bill Katz and family; Bill Dean, z”l, who was a regular on our Zoom screen; and of Henry Caplan, z”l, grandfather of Erin Henry, whose Chuppah is coming up in early August. May their families be comforted with all those in Zion and Jerusalem. And we acknowledge with gratitude the birth and Brit Milah of Noach Yonah Zalmanowitz-Higgs. May Hannah and Stuart watch their child grow into learning and love of Torah, love of another soul in chuppah and ma’asim tovim, good deeds.  

Just as in the blessing of the continual cycles of reading Torah, we are blessed in beginnings, lives lived and also the ending of those same cherished lives in our midst. Every day we choose to live with each other, within our Jewish pathways, we live in their honour.

I look forward to seeing you all again, very soon.

Love,Rabbi Lynn