Again I want to thank all of you for all the love and support you have given both Aaron and me over these past few months. Most of you know I will be on leave over July. I very much need this time to have quiet. Please know that even as you don’t see me, know I am probably connecting with you, just in a different dimension from the physical.

Korach, this parashah on which I am taking my leave provides us all with a challenge. I recently saw an interview with Tony Robbins go by one of my screens. I hadn’t heard anything about Robbins for some years and out of curiosity stayed with the discussion. He was talking about three primary impediments that people find in front of them, preventing them from achieving their goals, and I could not help but think of Korach. Strange bedfellows department!

Robbins asked: How are we making our decisions:

  1.   Are you looking at what you do have or what you don’t have?
  2.   Are you looking at what you can or cannot control?
  3.   Are you looking at the past, the present or the future?

Korach was angry:

  1.   He didn’t have the power that Moses had.
  2.   He felt that the power he deserved was out of his control.
  3.   All he could see in his past, present and future was what he didn’t have and could not control. He was angry and he was hurt.

As I spend my time during July rebuilding and refilling, I will be thinking of Korach, with sympathy, empathy and hope. I hope and pray that we all learn to not be led by what others have, that we all learn we are not always in control, and that if we dwell only in the past, our present and our future is stunted. And then we get on with our work.

With so much love,Rabbi Lynn