Have you ever wanted to bring home good news – and then hesitated, only seeing all the pitfalls that might preclude reporting the good?

The leaders of each tribe of Israel did exactly that. Commanded by God, asked by Moses, chosen by their tribe members, each leader ventured into the Land to see what it was like. This Land, this eternal gift was abundant with fruits, and yet even as they came home carrying staves laden with enormous grapes, they came home abundant with fear.

What enables us to trust a future we cannot yet imagine? We marry, we have children – we make all manner of choices based on trust and on love. We imagine a future – and then we live it. It took the Israelites 40 years to learn to “do and then understand” and in doing so, bring their promise to fruition. This is our promise we continue to make as Jews with our own life decisions every day.

Shelach teaches us to trust in God, trust in our tradition even when the walls seem too fortified, and the land seems full of stones. In doing so we learn to trust each other, to trust beyond our own reckoning. Every day.

With love,Rabbi Lynn