Most days I get up early, and on these warm days one of the first things I attend to is watering the many “rooms” in our garden – sides, back yard, front rhododendrons. All are thirsty.

I often find myself thinking about how we all, too, are parched and thirsty. We too are in need of that mayim, that quenching drink that might help alleviate our sadness, our lonliness, our need.

We learn throughout Torah that the Land receives rains from the heavens, early rains and late rains, there is water that springs from rocks, there are wells, there is water that follows Miriam throughout their days in the wilderness. Water is life, essential. We call our Torah mayim chayim, waters of life.

In virtually every parashah, Torah teaches us some lesson about how to quench our own thirsts. Our siddur as well guides us through our tradition with teachings about how in our obligations to each other, we are actually acting with kindness, offering each other a glass of life-giving waters.

We learn to speak gently, act with gentle kindness, and in doing so, building trust. May your watering be gentle throughout your days, and may we each drink as we need.

With love,Rabbi Lynn