Shavuot was just wonderful – with a beautiful and stirring d’var given by Lis Louwrier. Lis reminded us that we never stand alone at Sinai as she listed many of those who help make our kehillah what it is.

This morning I read the (exceedingly lengthy) list of requirements that potential rabbinic candidates were to meet to be considered for a position in Louisiana. Whenever I read one of these postings I have the very same thought – “They are looking for Mashiach!”

Of course, the listed requirements are written to meet an ideal – but… the rabbi is expected to do everything from run all services including daily minyanim, supervise Hebrew schools, be on call to all congregational needs, etc. etc. It is a very lengthy and comprehensive list – well beyond the capacity of any one person – even someone who is an oldest daughter, Type A personality (mentioning no names).

I would love to see an ad posted that flipped such a list: this ad would read like this.

Rabbi in search of a congregation:

Congregants should be conversant with all Shabbat and all Holiday services, able to chant Torah/Haftarot as required, be able to respond to all life questions for fellow members, those both traditional and progressive, be willing to attend professional and denominational conferences, conduct all necessary life-cycle events from funerals/shiva, brit milah/baby namings, conduct Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, and weddings, teach Hebrew school and B’nei mitzvah curriculum, teach all adult education programmes, create and teach conversion programmes, visit the sick and elderly, meet the needs of all congregants regardless of their housing situations, be it assisted living, or all those homebound, ensure healthy relationships between Board and Rabbi, be community builders, be working scholars, have engaging and dynamic personalities, encourage unaffiliated members to join and learn, and have appropriate office hours.

The rabbi will be on call to assist with all of these congregational endeavours.

This ad I assure us all, will bring Mashiach!! May we all stand at Sinai every day.

Gam zeh l’tovah.

My love to all,
Rabbi Lynn