Hello everyone, this is such an interesting time at Kolot Mayim, we are growing with young people, young families, and interest in being part of who we are. Come and join us at services this Shabbat morning, and meet some of our younger people who are finding their home with Kolot Mayim.

Toldot is the story of another two brothers, Ya’akov and Esau. We move forward from brothers Ishmael and Yitzhak, but their strife seems to follow this next pair of brothers as well. Every time I cook red lentils – which is often, I think of Esau and his hunger, the exchange of lentil stew for blessing, and so the blessing from his father was given to Ya’akov – all the unintended consequences of life. And, as always, many of those consequences are not inconsequential!

We too have many blessings in our lives today, even now, a time of real worry for us all. And with those blessings we can help. I had a note from a friend on Sunday with information about how to donate and help the Reserves in the IDF – See:

With love,

Rabbi Lynn Greenhough