Hello everyone, I am finally warming up after our chilly but ever so heartening vigil on Sunday evening. Hundreds and hundreds – and hundreds! of Jews and friends lined Belleville with posters and red balloons, to Bring Them Home. It was a turnout like we have not seen for years. I brought our ‘baby’ Torah, wrapped in a tallit that we should have the presence of Torah, and in particular our reading this week, Vayetze with us all – the opening passage wherein Ya’akov realizes, in an astonished voice, that he is the presence of HaMakom, of God.

At 6 pm voices sang together Hatikvah, along with other songs of hope for those who will, with the help of us all, be released soon.

I am up Island this Shabbat, meeting with the central Island Jews for a Shabbat morning service. Neomi Summers will be leading Kabbalat Shabbat, with the help of all who come.

With love,

Rabbi Lynn Greenhough