Parashat Terumah is a continuation of our discussion about place. Last week we talked in shul about the idea of God placing the ‘mishpatim’, the laws in front of us, and then connecting that place with a sense of where we are. “Where are you?” could be the question we share with each other, asking each other and ourselves, how our souls are doing.

In Terumah we learn how to build a sanctuary for God, a place so that God might dwell in our midst. This sanctuary is understood to be needed, perhaps especially post-Sinai, as the people of Israel were still only months away from worshipping idols. That transition of understanding the mystery of God, that mysterious yet powerful Presence, then required building a sense of place. Perhaps we need a similar sensibility today. And so, even as we learn all manner of details about that original place, that sanctuary, that provided a home for God as the people of Israel travelled through their wilderness, we learn how we might build a home in our hearts today.

Today, I know I continue to need a sanctuary. We speak of shul as our sanctuary, a place where we can reflect and sing and ponder and pray, together. Somehow, in the blessing of each others presence we might find a sense of sanctuary, a sense of peace. Come, join us. Let’s find our place with each other and build a home for God in our midst.

With love,Rabbi Lynn