Many members from Kolot Mayim joined with other Jews and Christian allies in a peaceful rally on the grounds of the Legislature. “A breath of fresh air,” many noted. It is important to remember that we do have allies in communities beyond our own, especially with rising degrees of hatred directed at our own Jewish communities. We need to take heart from the very stalwart friendships that surround us all. These friendships offer light to us all.

Tetzaveh opens with a command to make a ner tamid – a light that will illuminate us for all time. An eternal decree for all generations – to bring light into the world. This is a command that we can hear in many ways – but we can certainly hear it with hope in our hearts today. We have a ner tamid on our Aron haKodesh, but we can also light ourselves from within. In prayer, in song, in learning, in sharing a meal – all these aspects of Jewish life bring light.

What can you do, what can I do, this week to illuminate the world?

With love,Rabbi Lynn