I am writing this on the day of our Seder, anticipating gathering with so many this evening. We are full to overflowing, and I know we will have a very freilich, joyous, and meaningful evening together.

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped with setting up (and cleaning up), with bringing tasty charoset for us to share, for bringing flowers for our tables, and mostly for coming and sharing this precious time of Seder together.

I am also so very aware of how challenging it can be to celebrate in the face of absence, be that absence personal or the larger absence of the hostages. And yet our tradition mandates we celebrate – we remember, and we look forward at the same time. In one of our readings from Torah through the days of Pesach we go back to Ki Tissa in Exodus. We read near the very end how radiant Moses’ face became after his encounter with God. May each of us experience the shared radiance of renewing relationships with friends and with family over these coming days.

With love, Chag Pesach sameach,
Rabbi Lynn