We had a very casual Friday night last week. Rabbi Lynn and Aaron Devor purchased and have donated a beautiful hand written Megillat Esther to Kolot Mayim. We unrolled much of it and then entered into a lively discussion about all things scribal. May this Megillah be read for years to come.

Then we had a conversation about preparations for Pesach – the whys and wherefores of preparing for this very special time. Finally, we recited Kaddish, in memory of the souls that have departed us, some far too suddenly and others in their time. At these times of years their loss seems especially difficult. Wishing love to all who are struggling with grief and loss. Please be in touch with me as you may need.

Chag Pesach sameach everyone.

Wishing everyone much happiness and strength as we prepare ourselves for Pesach.

With love,
Rabbi Lynn