As Pesach approaches one of the more than 4 questions we must wrestle with is how are we cleaning our inner chometz (otherwise known as shmutz) as well as cleaning the chometz from our homes? Washing down baseboards, and vacuuming out the stove drawer provides ample opportunity to think about what I have left undone, what corners I have not yet) examined.

There is much to think about every year and, Mah Nishtana, this year brings its own questions, joys and sadnesses. Perhaps thinking about the symbolism that matzah frames for us – a symbol of our oppression, living in Mitzrayim, and a symbol of freedom, that food that nourished us as we left Mitzrayim – will help us revisit where we have been and where we hope to head towards this coming year.

Wishing everyone much happiness and strength as we prepare ourselves for Pesach.

With love,
Rabbi Lynn