Shavua tov, everyone,

This week Vayera, and he appeared – who was he? Reminds me of learning the distinction in Hebrew between he and she: He is she (הִיא) and who is he (הוּא)!!

Avraham is sitting in the opening of his tent and he sees three figures approach. Is this a mirage? Are they humans? Angels? Torah is sometimes mysterious.

In Vayera we finally read that God’s promise to make of Avraham and Sarah a great nation will be fulfilled. We read this section on Rosh Hashanah – the laughter and delight bordering on incredulity in Sarah as she learns when will become a mother, in the appointed time, after so many years of waiting. We learn from this verse that we respond to hearing of a pregnancy, not mazal tov –as the babe is not yet born – but b’sha’ah tova, may the baby be born at a good hour, in its (appointed) time. May the baby be born when it can survive, a blessing based on real life. We have much that is superstitious in our lives today, but wishing a pregnant mother b’sha’ah tova is a wonderful acknowledgment of miracles, of honest realization of need, and at the same time a welcome of love.

So with Sarah, and with all pregnancies, we wish you b’sha’ah tova.