Chanukah Housekeeping

Shavua tov, everyone,

menorahThis week I thought I would use this opportunity for a little housekeeping.

Several people who have known me for many years have asked what they should call me, now that I am a rabbi. The question brings to mind a beautiful section of a wedding ceremony I recently conducted. The bride was from China and within her culture, as a bride, she becomes part of her husband’s family. Part of acknowledging this status is a formal recognition within the wedding ceremony that she will now no longer call them by their first names, but will now address them as her mother and father. Zhen did so, and then her in-laws, recognizing they were now formally her parents, gave her a parental blessing. It was a lovely addition to the chuppah blessings.

Bearing this formalized transition in mind, my answer to my friends is as follows: If we are in a formal role with me as rabbi – at services, in a meeting where I am in that professional role, at a Beit Din, or when teaching, please call me Rabbi Lynn. If we are friends and having dinner together you are free to call me either Rabbi Lynn or Lynn.

I also want to speak a bit about appropriate dress when called to Torah. I encourage people to bring or wear a tallit especially Shabbat morning, and especially if you are called to Torah. Even in the Reform movement most people – men and women – are now wearing some form of head covering, most often a kippah, while in shul. If you don’t know the blessing for putting on a tallit, or are not quite sure what is involved here is a link:

If you want to practice the Blessings Before and After the Torah reading, here is a link:



Kol tuv, dear friends.

Rabbi Lynn