Purim, Pesach, Covid-19

Dear friends,

We had a lovely Purim celebration on Sunday evening. Jessica Pratezina organized a crafts table for the children; crowns were decorated, hamantaschen eaten and groggers were grogged!!



Coming up in four weeks, of course, is Pesach, another occasion for us to gather and celebrate Spring, our Liberation from narrow constricted places and certainly celebrate with another wonderful Seder meal. Reading the news these days can be a tad harrowing – more over the fearful behaviours some people are demonstrating – toilet paper fisticuffs at Costco –all of which gives us a moment to consider how we might be constricting ourselves with fear and anxiety rather than any actual circumstance.

We haven’t had any cases of Covid-19 here in Victoria. Yet. At Kolot Mayim we are encouraging non-contact greetings, and if someone gives me a hug I don’t want to feel grumpy, I want to feel loved. Aaron shocked me yesterday when he reminded me that I was in that category of people who are potentially most affected by this virus – seniors. That said, until it seems medically necessary I want to encourage us to continue to gather for services and our holiday celebrations. If you do have a cold or flu symptoms then please stay home – advice we would all give any time.

Shavua tov,
Rabbi Lynn