Dear friends,

What a month plus of celebrations we have had. We have Zoomed around the world and into each other’s homes and hearts. As the wind knocked over the willows from our sukkah on Shabbat, we are reminded that the seasons have shifted. We now change the wording in the Amidah from Moreed ha’tal, a blessing for dew, to Masheev ha ruach oo’moreed ha geshem, for the wind to blow and the rain to fall.

Cheshvan, Mashiv HaRuach Poster - JECCMarketplace

Ruach is also one of the words we have in Hebrew for our souls. We could also read this blessing as a blessing for our souls to fly and flow and our tears to fall – as needs be. As we turn towards Bereshit and the many stories in this foundational book, we have opportunities for our souls to fly with the letters of the text. Please think about joining us on Wednesdays to learn Torah together. Where is your ruach, your neshamah leading you in this coming year, 5781? Call me, let’s walk and talk.

We are blessed in many ways as a community. As we discussed on Shabbat morning, our community connections are deepening, and our family connections are deepening as we remember that our homes are truly the heart of our tradition.

And finally, please enjoy this music by Rabbi David Zeller, z”l, entitled Ruach:

Love to all,
Rabbi Lynn