Lech Lecha

Dear friends,

The weeks are flying by, are they not? This week we are following the journey of Avram and Sarai as they leave their homeland to a place “that God will show” them. As someone who grew up here, and still lives here, this story always astounds my heart. I am not sure if I would have the courageous trust and faith, that is demonstrated in this leave-taking. Many people in Kolot Mayim have arrived in Victoria from away, many of you have moved here after several moves – moves that have taken you from family members, parents and close friends. Such uprootings are perhaps more commonplace these days, more the norm than staying put. And, we also know there are many ways we move. Some of us move spiritually, not geographically.

Avram and Sarai listened to the faith in their hearts and did something so unusual – in their days – but something that holds a promise for us thousands of years later. They listened. They ventured beyond what they knew. They trusted. Is not this deep listening the very stuff of good science? Is it not what we do when we marry? We uproot ourselves from our selves; from our emotional and intellectual patterns, maybe even from the ruts we enjoy, and we take a chance.

Far from being boring, this Jewish journey calls out to each one of us to take a risk in trusting our hearts and our faith. This deep journey we call Judaism stretches our imaginations and pushes our capacity for discipline. It is our work and it is our loving joy – Freud was right. We each need work and we each need love. So this week find that place in our hearts that we have been afraid to look at, that question we have been afraid to voice, and Lech Lecha, go within ourselves and begin the journey. Every day. And listen: http://lech-lecha1000.blogspot.com/2012/04/day-8-lchi-lach-song.html

Love to all,

Rabbi Lynn