Acharei Mot

We are a community of learners and a community of givers. I am so grateful to be in your midst. One of our members has suggested that we use our Seders moving forward (as we did this year – instead of a full – and costly – meal), we offer the Seder as an opportunity for tzedakah, serving charoset and matzah as our meal.  What a beautiful recognition of how to share in a meaningful manner. So all charoset makers – be prepared for Seder next year!

Shavuot – June 4th – 5th – is an opportunity for us to share our learning with the custom of holding a Tikkun Leil, an evening of learning. Traditionally people would stay up all night learning, but we will hold our Tikkun from 7 -9. Do you have a favourite teaching about Shavuot, about Sinai, about what it means to be k’lal Yisroel – a people of Israel? Meanwhile, here is a link to a wonderful collection of daily thoughts from the pen of Rabbi Sacks, of blessed memory, one note for each day of counting the Omer between Pesach and Shavuot: Rabbi Sacks – 

As we continue to offer two services a month in-person, I offer again the idea of a few people you feel safe with gathering together to share a Shabbat lunch, or singing zemirot together Friday night after a meal together. There are many opportunities to celebrate Shabbat, even as some of us may not be comfortable returning to in-person services at this point.

The days are inching towards warmer,With hope and love,Rabbi Lynn