My car is the Victoria Jewish bookmobile – as fast as I empty it out (not fast) someone else offers me books. But where oh where has this book ended up? If you have it, the original owner would dearly love to have it back – please be in touch with me, and I will pick it up and return it.

Meanwhile if you are looking for some good Jewish books to read – call me! I will bring my car over, and we can have a schmooze whilst you look for your next good read! Reading, learning, texts of all kinds are in our Jewish DNA. But we are also always encouraged to put what we are learning into practice, into the realms of our experiences. Be it Shabbat dinners, learning to make Jewish recipes from around the globe, learning daf yomi, or lighting candles, we put our learning into our lives. Being Jewish in many ways is the original immersive learning programme, or life-long learning programme. Recently we have been blessed to have congregants participate in leading parts of our Shabbat services. There are many ways we can encourage each other to participate in Jewish life. Coming up soon, we will be holding a workshop on Bikkur Cholim, the mitzvah of visiting the sick. Members of Kolot Mayim participate in the mitzvah of Chevra Kadisha, caring for our dead. Other members help set up for our services, organizing tablecloths, and siddurim, chumashim and moving the Aron haKodesh into place. All and everything matters. To this end, I want to say kol hakavod to our new Board. I look forward to working with all of you over this coming year. Thank you, todah, to all who make Kolot Mayim vibrant and engaged.

Affectionately,Rabbi Lynn