Mazal tov to Doug Marshall and Pat Dunphy on the birth of their grandson, Ari James – a very healthy 8.5 pounds.

This week, Vayishlach, Yaakov, now a patriarch with a large family, leaves his uncle Lavan– but anticipating a difficult reunion with his brother Esau, he must first cross the River Yabbock. In the dark of night, after all his planning, and strategizing to protect his family, Yaakov wrestles with a stranger – an angel, a man? – and at the end of this struggle he is given a new name, a name we carry forward to this day. Israel. Wrestle with God.  

Our names in our tradition carry us forward with the names of our ancestors and the hope and purpose of our futures as we each wrestle ourselves into circumstances both blessed and challenging. May Ari, this little lion of God, bring his family the dignity, the fortitude and kindness of his grandparents and his parents.

Love,Rabbi Lynn