Aaron and I are both beyond grateful for the many, many messages of condolence you have sent us, for the visits, for the food with which you have nourished us.

In the middle of unbearable loss, we have felt the love of home and the sweetness of your kindnesses.

We use the language of Hebrew to describe kindness – chesed – and wrapped in chesed we have been. Interestingly when we speak of our mitzvot we open up and expand that word and speak of gemilut chasidim, acts of loving kindness, as it is usually translated. However, if we look closely, we see a plural – acts of loving kindnesses. Gemilut chasadim has punctuated our lives since we left Victoria for Edmonton. I will never forget the small gestures, the quiet presences, the words, “I’ve got this” that enabled us both to focus on whatever was an immediate need.

As we celebrate Pesach this year, God willing, kindness will continue to be our leitmotif for not only the season, but hopefully for the months to come.

Thank youChag Pesach sameach, and may we all grow in kindnesses, and in joy.

Rabbi Lynn