This past Shabbat morning we had the great honour and pleasure of having two young men, Sean and Micah, with us at services, both former Bar Mitzvah students of mine. And joining in the service, as she continues her preparations for her Bat Mitzvah, was Tammy Vladar. The morning was already blessed with sunshine – but the presence of these three young people truly filled our hearts with light.

Then Kai Morsink took the Sefer Torah from the Aron haKodesh and held the Torah for the first time; Leah Kobrossi-Vladar dressed the Torah for the first time – it was a morning of firsts. We truly felt we were in a holy community together. And then later in the day, I heard from our beloved friend Leah Smith, now in Vancouver, who had written similar ideas to mine about moderation and about presence in the everyday, similar to the d’var I gave that morning. We are a holy community in so many ways – and so many wavelengths.

Tammy will be giving her d’var this coming Shabbat, another link in the shalshelet, the eternal chain, that binds us one to the other. Pat Dunphy shared that at her Bat Mitzvah her verses contained the very rare ta’am, the shalshelet. Here is a link so you can hear it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k71e1mfcLeg

This photo is from Joel Laventure – we were learning about the Sefer Torah. Thank you all.

May we continue to be in holy community, in song, in prayer, in presence, virtually and in person. In rare moments and always, in every day.

Kol tuv,Rabbi Lynn