Hello everyone, long-standing members, new members, those considering joining us – we are always glad to have you stand with us and join us. Last Shabbat service was a packed house; one little girl made our morning when she called out a “Thank you” to us all, as she waved her flag of Israel.

Imagine back to those early days of Avraham and Sarah as they settled down in the land of Israel, trying to see into their future, and make very hard decisions about their family.

They had no crystal balls, just a promise from God, a promise that was and is eternal. On Shabbat, I spoke about how my father taught me a very important lesson when I was 12, even as it was excruciatingly mortifying at the time. I could not see then what I know today.

My father would not let me enter the Miss Luxton Fair contest. He said entering was based on girls popularity and looks, not on their academic merit or service to community. So he refused to let my name stand. He said to me, “You must stand up for your beliefs, even if it means you stand alone.” His words sounded harsh at the time, but there have been many times over the years I have been grateful to my beloved father for teaching me this principle. It is one I hold with today. On Shabbat 40+ people came to services. I was not alone. We are not alone.

With love,

Rabbi Lynn Greenhough