Everyone is welcome to join us for Torah learning on Wednesdays. It helps to have read the parashah, but you are certainly all welcome – come when you can, leave when you have to leave. We have a core group of regulars, but anyone who wants to join our lively discussions is welcome.

I have noticed over my time at Kolot Mayim, that there are a number of congregants who don’t yet have their own tallitot. I am more than happy to meet with you to discuss how you could buy or make your own tallit. It is very customary, even in Reform shuls these days, to put on a tallit if you are present on a Saturday morning for services and Torah reading. I can help you learn the blessing of putting on a tallit, and also help you with learning the berachot, the blessings said before and after the Torah is read. Please call me, and we will set up a time together.

Our minhag, our custom for Shabbat and for an Aliyah is to have your head covered and be wearing a tallit. Let’s talk.

With love,Rabbi Lynn