We had a lovely Shabbat morning service last week – Tammy Vladar and her family celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with us. These celebrations are felt with such warmth by us all – they mark in real time the continuity of our particular traditions.

Neomi Summers read a short piece that morning acknowledging similar confirmation of traditions with the ceremonies of coronation for King Charles, many of which date back to the time of King Solomon and Zadok the High Priest.  Here is an article that focus on the oil used for anointing King Charles during the coronation:

I will be back in Edmonton from the 17th – 21st of May – we are going to celebrate our grandson’s graduation from high school. Clearly May is Celebration month! Classes may be winding down, and wedding season begins! I will be back for Shavuot on the 28th – with blintzes.My love to all,

Rabbi Lynn