Preparing for Passover

PESACH SEDER FIRST NIGHT: ON ZOOM: We will be holding our Pesach Seder First Night, March 27th, Saturday night, invitation sent separately. 6 pm – 8:30.  Some people have asked for some basic instructions about preparations this year (please contact Kolot Mayim if you would like an invitation):

First night is Saturday night so we have a few complications to understand as we proceed with our preparations:

· If doing Bedikat Chametz, (searching for chametz), it must be done Thursday night (March 25th). Keep track of where you have hidden chametz, so you find it all!

· Biyur Chametz (destroying chametz, usually by lighting a small fire outside and burning last of the chametz that has been set aside) is done Friday morning.

· All preparations for Shabbat and Seder meal should be done on Friday, including preparation of Seder Plate elements that require cooking/roasting.

· Preparation of Seder plate completed on Friday – roasting of bone/parsnip and egg. Seder plate can be completed with parsley, charoset, and maror (bitter herbs) before Seder.

· Challah eaten for Shabbat: If your kitchen is Pesadikke, then you will want to eat it in a place that is not Pesach-ready – such as outside or over a paper plate so no crumbs spill.

· You will want to make charoset. See:

· As we are on Zoom and not at a communal table you will want to have your Seder plate, Matzah, charoset, wine/juice and wine glass, parsley, and salt water all at the ready, nearby your computer screen.

· We will be using an on-screen Haggadah, but you might want to bring your own Haggadah to your table to follow singing the order – the font is a little small. Otherwise this is a wonderful resource from the publishing wing of the Reform movement: CCAR.

· Have a cover for the matzah – if not a matzah cover then a cloth napkin.

· Have a basin and cup and small towel so you can wash hands (for ritual washing).

· You may want to prepare a small plate of appetizers – vegetables, hard cooked egg, pickles – just not matzah – yet!

· We will pause for eating our meal for 30 minutes and then resume our Seder. We will be joining each other in 3 different breakout rooms during the meal to visit and shmooze.

· Matzah, chrain (horseradish) and other Pesach supplies are available at Aubergine and at Fairway markets.

· We will be reciting Havdalah after making the blessing on the first cup of wine; we use the candles lit for YomTov as Havdalah candles. No spices needed.