Busy days and getting busier at Kolot Mayim! Orders are coming in for Chumashim which is truly rewarding. And we have had a most generous offer from a friend to buy a sturdy bookshelf for our new Chumashim, the set of Talmud I have ordered, and various study manuals/books that will all enhance our learning. There is a most enthusiastic group of people learning in the Intro to Judaism class as well. Thank you to everyone who in every way – be it coming to services, engaging in Torah learning, helping on committees and the Board, offering to help drive some of our elders as will be needed, helping me on the Religious Services committee, and more – all of this participation is re-building Kolot Mayim into a most engaged and caring community. I feel very blessed to be amongst you – even when I look at a long list of tasks and appointment for the day! All this is testament to a profound willingness and desire for building connection. So yasher koach, may we all be strengthened together.