Emor – Say: a command for Moses to speak to the Kohanim, the priests. Moses is to provide instructions as to the sacredness of their duty to the people Israel.

But the job description of the Kohanim changed post destruction of the Second Temple. Even biblically, as the Kohanim served the people of Israel, with that historic challenge we all became a necessary component of avodah, the duty of service. 

Today that challenge continues. We need to make room within our own temple-selves for avodah to take place, for service to become part of who we are. 

There are so many people in our community who serve our Kolot Mayim community. We are all of us. Thank you to all who serve in all the ways you do, by doing work on committees, by sitting on our Board, by delivering groceries and those who stay in touch with those others who need a visit. All our collective and innumerable acts of service create the sanctity and sanctuary called our community. I am so grateful to be with all of you. So this week, Emor, I am saying todah rabbah, thank you very much.

Be safe,