Recently I attended a workshop on the Jewish soul, led by one of our esteemed congregants, Dr. Elior Kinarthy. After Elior provided descriptions of the reality of the soul, he invited us into a guided meditation, a visualization of our soul.

My role was primarily that of time-keeper, but I joined the group as we closed our eyes, to find that centre of our being. At first pinpricks of light filtered through the heavy darkness, and then the most extraordinary image came into mind. I saw first an aleph and then a lamed, and eventually the other letters forming Elohim. Each letter was “skating” if you will across the surface of my soul, inscribing God’s Name, God’s Self into my soul and I recognized again in that breath-moment that Torah is truly meant to be inscribed on us – not stone, not words on a page – but on us, for our souls to be, as the V’ahavta teaches,  circumcised. More