Snowdrops and forsythia and crisp morning breezes…Spring is coming. Mishpatim brings its own verses of hope and a big dose of that everyday pragmatism we call Judaism. Again, Judaism is not a religion per se, but a code of conduct. Religion can be found in all realms, from family life and our homes, to how we conduct our business deals. Religion is not separate from our lives, it is our lives, and Mishpatim makes this clear in abundance.

We are one. Ehad. Our souls are not separate from our bodies until we die. In life we turn to our teachings to guide us towards honesty, wisdom and gratitude. Torah teaches us – in relentless detail – to put a sensibility of all that is sacred front and centre. For this, I am very grateful.

Those first flowers blooming in spring, bulbs pushing their green spears into the ever increasing light, anticipation in the air reminds us we too live in cycles – daily, weekly and annually. May we be blessed with hope and with diligence as we do the work of our tradition.


Rabbi Lynn