Ki Teitzei

This is a difficult and sad week for two former members of Kolot Mayim. On Shabbat afternoon Dana Ruth Baecker died; Dana was Jenny Laing’s mother. There will be a shiva at the Bild-Enkins house at 7 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, at 1324 George Street (corner of Olive). Jenny was the heart and soul of Kolot Mayim for years, and I know she will appreciate seeing you at shiva.

On this past Sunday morning, Mr. Lawrence Bookman died, Reesa Vermeulen’s father. His levayah, his funeral will be held at Hatley Jewish Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. May their memories be a blessing for their families and for all who knew these souls.

And this week ‘wedding season’ for me ends with the chuppah of Ari Hershberg and Anna Rutherford on Friday afternoon. The seasons of life seem to conflate during the month of Elul.

May our doors continue be open to all in times of joy and times of sadness. In Ki Tetze this week we are repeatedly reminded of our obligations to the poor, the widow, the orphans, be it not removing all the harvest from our fields, or beating our olive trees, or harvesting our vineyard. We always need to remember our obligations, as God reminds us throughout Torah, “You shall remember you were a slave in the land of Egypt.”

Understanding this language symbolically (not too many of us have olive trees or vineyards – or even fields), we understand our collective responsibility to provide for those in need.

And so, I add my reminder again that our collective presence in Kolot Mayim serves a real need in Victoria and Vancouver Island. We are able to meet people in their need, be it distress or a simcha, with a welcome provision to serve. Please renew your memberships.

 Many thanks, and with great love to all,Rabbi Lynn