Hello everyone, the hinges of the gates are being oiled as we speak, so that they should open with ease. Rosh Hashanah approaches and we speak a little more cautiously, step a little more carefully perhaps, as we approach the Days of Awe. May the doors of our hearts open as well.

As we welcome new members to Kolot Mayim, as we have said goodbye to others in their time, we acknowledge the blessing of having a Jewish home to share our stories, our friendships, our meals, and our learning – in good times and bad. Each of us brings our sacred doorways, windows, and pathways with us as we figure out how to do this thing called Judaism – it differs from one to the other and we cherish us all. Maurice Yacowar just sent me a commentary about being Jewish by Harold Jacobson, a garrulous writer whom we both adore:

“Judaism is not a tourist destination. … We do not need good reviews from visitors. No one will learn what Jewishness is, anyway, except by living it, perhaps as an intense experience of mind and soul over a lifetime, perhaps as a lonely immersion in study, perhaps as a patchwork of perfectly mundane obligations and pleasures, conscientiously honoured, full-heartedly enjoyed.”May we all find that doorway that opens to the blessing of the mundane and the joys of our lives.

With love,Rabbi Lynn